Question PC won't boot, no Qleds on

Feb 26, 2020
New PC build won't boot. When I hit the power switch on the case, the front and back chassis fans (cha_fan 1,2,3) all spin to full speed and stop. The motherboard is getting at least some power because the backplate LEDs are illuminating under the MB. The CPU cooler is getting constant power, as are its fans (installed on the top of the case and connected to cpu_fan). The graphics card also is turning on properly and staying on. There is no output of any kind to my monitor even though the GPU has power. There are QLEDs on the motherboard that are supposed to help isolate a problem, but none of them ever illuminate. I have disconnected and reconnected everything several times. I have both the 24 and 8 pin connectors attached. I tried using the extra 4pin connector as well to no avail. I have tried to boot without the GPU, ssd, only 1 stick of ram, different cables to the power supply, and have had no change at all. Really hoping I'm just missing something stupid.

ASUS x570 plus wifi
Ryzen 3900k
H150i pro corsair cooler
GSkill 16gbx2 ddr4 3600
Evga 2080ti
Evga 750w g3 gold power supply
HP EX920 m.2 1TB ssd
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The troubleshooting sticky at the top of the forum was created to troubleshoot this type of problem. If you perform every step in the checklist it should help you narrow down what is causing the problem. There is a link to the checklist below.