Question PC won't boot. No signal to monitor

Oct 24, 2022
Having some issues with my PC recently. It was crashing at random intervals. Only when gaming I think, however it wasn’t a resource heavy game (Farthest Frontier). When the PC crashed, the monitor went black but audio was still playing. I had to do a hard reset each time.

I decided to reinstall the GPU drivers & also reset BIOS to default settings. Neither resolved the problem.

The PC now won’t boot up. It powers on, but there is no signal to the monitor. There are no error beeps.

So far I have:

Reseated the RAM

Tried just one RAM stick

Reseated the graphics card

Removed graphics card and used onboard graphics instead

Tried a different monitor

Reset CMOS battery

Reset CMOS using the pins

Cleaned and reapplied thermal paste to CPU

Could the motherboard be faulty?