Question PC wont boot on restart, but boots when i reconnect sata cable

Mar 2, 2019
Ok guys, need your help. Some spiritual ** is happening to my system. help me to figure out what is it:
I was reinstalling system, formatted drive and partitions, choosed install partition, and so on. When installer rebooted, i recieved black screen, without any info receiving from GPU. So i tried to unmount memory, gpu, and HDD. SO when i disconnected HDD, all booted. I connected HDD again, all booted well. But from that time, every time when i reset PC, i am receiving black screen. I am fixing it by turning off PC, unplugging Sata cable, plugging it back. It is really strange **. I tried to update bios, tried different SATA ports, tried different bios settings, nothing works. This disk is on warranty, but i want to fix this by myself if possible(dont want to wait until service center will fix it). Is there any way? What do you think is faulty here? Mobo SATA controller burned out? PSU messed up? HDD is dying? What do you think? Maybe just dban this HDD?
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