Question PC won't boot or respond to power button and leds

Feb 6, 2023
Hi there.

My PC is encountering a strange issue. I was working with an external CD drive and plugged it into my computer. It wasn't burning correctly, so I plugged it into a different power source. The whole thing shut down and then turned back on. However, it didn't boot. I tried to turn it off but it didn't respond to the button. I thought it was a PSU issue at first, but the power supply was fine. After testing it with my Case LEDS that I usually don't have connected, I came to the conclusion that my board was dead. I tested further by checking my internet cards orange light; not on. But the CPU fan that's connected to the board only was working fine. Everything else connected to the PSU like my case fans and GPU turn on. Any suggestions??

Board: GIGABYTE 970a-ds3p
CPU: AMD FX-4100
GPU: Nvidia 550 ti
8gb ram