Question PC Won't Boot, Possible Mobo Failure?

Jason Ronald

Apr 1, 2013
System Specs:
  • i7-4770k CPU
  • Asus Z87-A MOBO
  • Kingston HyperX 16 GB RAM
  • Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB SSD
  • Saphire RX 580 GPU
  • Corsair Pro 650 W 80+ Gold PSU
Last night I was gaming, and then the pc just shutdown. I waited a bit and tried to start it but it wouldn't boot. When I press the power button, the cpu fan starts spinning, and the rgb light on the GPU turns on but the GPU fans don't spin and nothing else happens (no hdd lights). I first thought it might be a GPU problem, so I removed the GPU and tried to boot (using integrated GPU), but still nothing. What normally happens when I boot is I hear 2 quick beeps and the the leds on the mobo cycle through and then the pc starts up.
So after I removed the GPU, I tried to start, and the cpu fan spins (normal speed), I hear the 2 quick beeps but nothing else happens. The mobo lights do not cycle.
What I have tried:
  • Removed GPU
  • Removing all peripherals.
  • Removing, cleaning reseating ram into different slots (2/4)
  • Removing power, holding pwr for 15 seconds
  • Removing CMOS battery for 10 min, moving clrtc jumer for 5 secs
  • Removing ram and trying to boot.
Without the ram it would be expected for the mobo to show an error (red light and beep), but with out the ram the computer didn't do anything different, just spun up the cpu fan.
There is a green light on the mobo which shows that it is receiving power, this light is always on.
So I am thinking that this could either be a faulty PSU, MOBO or CPU. I think most probable would be mobo but would love some insight.
MOBO, PSU and CPU are all purchase back in 2013.

I am in a bit of a rush to get this fixed, I just finished the last week of classes and University exams start on Monday, I really need to get the PC working to get my work to study...
Thanks for the help guys!
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Jason Ronald

Apr 1, 2013
Borrowed a PSU from a friends build. Connected it to mine and pressed power. The cpu fan started running, but the mobo didn't do anything, not even the regular 2 beeps that it was doing with my old psu.
I'm guessing this rules out my psu as the problem?


Nov 18, 2019
Well kinda it does. Bad power supply could take out a motherboard. I wish I could snap my fingers and get you gaming on your off time. You have done all the correct things to check.