Question PC won't boot unless PSU is turned off and back on ?


Feb 29, 2016
Recently I rebuilt my PC with a new case, psu and cpu cooler, and ever since my PC has been having the following problem:

If I turn the pc off, whether through the power button or windows, when trying to boot it back up I get no signal to my monitors, and the "DRAM" and "CPU" lights burn red
I've found the fix to this to be turning the PSU off from the switch, and back on again. After this the system boots without issues. And this method works every single time, without fail, on the first try. Rebooting the PC from windows works fine.
When booting up after power cycling the PSU, the same lights burn (or blink) for some time but shut down after a short time. Other than this issue the system works fine.
Ram XMP profiles or CPU overclocks seem to have no effect on the issue. I have tried reseating the ram with no effect

Component list:

PSU - Corsair RM750x
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x
GPU - 1080 Ti
RAM - Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 2x8GB
MOBO - Asrock phantom gaming 4
Hey there,

Hmmm. Your PSU is a really strong one and very suitable for your build. Your description points to an issue with the PSU. If you have a spare, swap out and check if the system boots as you would expect. Otherwise the only real way to tell is to either buy a new one, RMA the current one, or bring to local store and get them to swap out PSU to test (might just cost 20£$€ or so,

Given you've tried other obvious fixes, it narrows it down a little. It's possible it's mobo related, but look at PSU first IMO.