Question Pc won't boot with 4 sticks of ram (identical ram) , but it boots with only 2 sticks of ram

Mar 19, 2021
Hello guys , i have a problem which it seems i really dont know how to solve. I have an old gigabyte mobo (ga-ep41-ud3l (rev3.3)) with an intel quad core q9450 (with the basic intel cooling system) and also, i have 4 identical sticks of ram (ddr2 667mhz)
I have a basic graphics card (which unfortunately dont remember the name of , but i know that it's only good for basic pc stuff and DEFINITELY NOT for gaming purposes). Why do i have such a card? Because i'm building some basic pc's with my friends from spare parts just for the hobby of doing it :)

So the problem is the following:
Everything runs perfectly when i put 2 sticks of 2gb ddr2 667Mhz ram in EITHER A1+A3 or A2+A4 , but the moment i put all 4 Rams in all 4 sockets , it won't open. It seems like its trying to but it won't (fan of cpu starts for 3-4 seconds + some lights pop up on mobo but then it shuts down, than it tries to open up for 8-10 seconds but it shuts down again, and it keeps doing that over and over if i dont switch the whole thing of)

I checked EVERY RAM in EVERY slot (A1+A3, A2+A4) so it's safe to assume that all sticks of ram are working, and that all the sockets of ram are working. I dont know if it is important , but we haven't installed any operating system , so it's just the Bios.

Last thing i want to add is that if i have 2 rams in , and i go into bios to change some settings (for troubleshooting purposes) , after i press f10 to save and quit , i turn on again my pc and the settings i've twicked are saved correctly.
BUT , when i again turn off my pc to put ALL 4 sticks in , it does the problem which i've mentioned before (not booting , 3-4 cpu fan working than shutting down, etc.) and it seems that it is resetting the bios settings. I say that because if i take out the ladder 2 rams (so now i have again only 2 rams in) , it opens up and the "twicks" that i saved in Bios aren't there anymore

I have to say that i dont have the latest Bios Update (which i'm looking forward to doing) but apart of that , what can be the problem? Thank you guys in advance :)

Edit: The rams are 4x2Gb Ddr2 667Mhz (but i dont think they were bought as "one" kit)
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