Pc wont boot

Dec 3, 2018

Edit: I managed to get into safe mode with networking, all my files are there despite re-installing windows multiple times so I'm taking all my files off now, not sure what it means for the diagnosis but it's running extremely slow

Over the last few weeks my PC has been slowing down, in the last few days it started not booting up every time but a few restarts would eventually get it to launch

Now it won't boot up at all. I've tried everything that I know and tried countless methods found from other threads but nothing seems to work.

I managed to get it to boot into safe mode once but when I realised I needed safe mode with networking to update drivers I tried to go into safe mode again but was unable, since that I've never gotten onto desktop.

I've tried windows repair but it "runs into a problem", I've looked through my bios settings to see if anything was out of place.

I tried resetting my PC with and without keeping files which both got stuck at 1%

Finally I installed windows onto an external hdd (which also happened to reformat it without asking and deleted all my backups) and tried re-installing windows which seemed to all go through fine but still wouldn't launch to desktop.

Any help would be much appreciated before I take it to a professional

Edit: it's an Asus motherboard that uses the ultimate force as its bios, windows 10 home