Jul 19, 2020
I got home and tried to turn my pc on but the fans and lights powered for a second then went off. I've been trying to fix it and have gotten to the point where now when I plug my PC into the wall and flip the wall's switch the PC tries to power on by itself (doing the LED and fan spin for a second) which I've never seen and thought was weird. During trying to fix it today I actually got the PC to boot by taking the ram out and putting it back in then turning the PC on with a screwdriver, but I haven't been able to power it on again.

  • I5 11600k
  • Gigabyte Z590 UD
  • 16GB Team T-Force Night Hawk RGB DDR4 3600MHz 2x8
  • MSI GTX 1070 8GB
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • EVGA Supernova 750W
I've tried:
  • replacing the CMOS battery
  • moving the ram around
  • Booting without GPU
  • Powering on via screwdriver on power switch pins

I've had this problem before and either holding down the power button whilst the pc was off, then plugging it in fixed it or taking the ram out and putting it back in, but this time neither have worked. Could be faulty PSU but I swear there's no way to tell without a spare.

Any help is greatly appreciated, ask away!
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