Question PC wont detect certain gpus


Mar 25, 2018
I ran into a strange problem with the pc i'm building. The motherboard is an asus p8z68 - v pro, i5 2500k. I put it all together, threw in the msi gaming 4g gtx 970 i scored for 75 cad, and fired it up. Nothing. I plugged the hdmi cable into the motherboard, and this time it worked. I set the bios to boot off of pcie. Same thing. Nothing from the gpu. Now, all other bios setting are exactly the same, so i know it's not cmos battery or something like that. Changed it anyway jic. Heres where things get weird. My gtx 750 works perfectly in it. Bios still doesnt save setting pcie a priority, reverts it to auto every time i reset. (latest bios btw) I also tried a working 7950 and 1070 ti and neither worked. Just the 750.I also tried 3 different power supplies to no avail. If i boot through the igpu, fans on the cards (except the 750) fire up, but stop spinning soon after boot. Not detected in device manager, cant install drivers. It cant be the motherboard (i assume) because the 750 works. It cant be the gpu or psu, because i tested with equipment i knew was working. What else could it be? Thanks for any help you give me.

Update: I also got a gtx 1070 and gt 740 to work.
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