Question Pc won't detect correct resolution/monitor+ NVIDIA issues

Jan 2, 2022
I have looked over the internet and have not yet found a solution for an issue that happened yesterday, so I am looking for help directly.

After a game that I was playing crashed, which has never happened before, my computer no longer detects/displays the correct screen resolutions. I restarted the pc and when it turned back on the screen resolution was set to 1024x768 (recommended). I have the option to select 1920x1080, however, I am actually using an 27'' ASUS TUF VG27WQ that is capable of 2560x1440 and 165Hz and it is not displayed. After going to the device manager it is showing that I am using "Generic PnP Monitor."
I have tried going to the device manager to update the drivers for the monitors, disable/reenable, I have tried browsing my computer for drivers and picking from a list, etc. When choosing from a list and unchecking the box for showing compatible hardware, the manufacturer for my monitor is not listed either. Under the display adapters there is a yellow exclamation under the display adapters tab and my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660. I have done the same things as above for the monitor. Nothing seems to be working.

Furthermore, when I open the GeForce experience app, there is nothing I can really click on. It shows that there is a driver update, and after clicking on it and installing it, it says the install was successful but nothing changes. It still shows the same update is available. I also cannot click on the home tab or do anything else in the app. I have tried logging out and back in again.
Currently I am unable to run any games as they all suffer from unusable frame rates <1 fps. I am at a loss here and have no idea what else to do. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.


"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" is what it says
Well then. Together with the fact that you can't update the driver this means your GPU might died. Sort of of course as it still displays something. Btw inability to set higher resolution/refresh rate is caused by GPU driver no longer working (just as if you were running in safe mode). And it's not working because device is stopped.
What you can do? Standard things: reseat the GPU, make sure the power cables are properly connected, uninstall drivers in safe mode with DDU and manually install them again. But I would say your chances to succeed are not great.
Jan 2, 2022

are you on Windows 10? and has your Windows 10 updated recently? You might be having a problem similar to what I had some days ago. Thread for reference. See what the best answer says.

if your windows 10 has not updated, then you have a different problem. Just ignore my post.
I am on Windows 10 but there has not been any update recently. When I check for a Windows update there is one currently available "Windows 10 version 21H2" but I haven't gotten it.

Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
if you run out of options on resolving your GPU problem. Try installing the windows update. Your GPU problem could be fixed by that.