Question PC wont display on monitor

Mar 11, 2019
Hello, I don't know what happened to my PC it was working fine, I was playing GTA V, and all of a sudden it froze and I got a blue screen and as far as i remember this was written "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL." So it restarted again and i got another blue screen i can't remember what it said, this time it restarted and gave me this blue screen with this written on it "error code 0xc0000221" and it gave me 4 options "1- press enter to try again. 2- press f1 to enter recovery environment. 3- press f8 for Startup settings. 4- press Esc for UEFI firmware settings", so i pressed enter nothing happened, i press f1 I can't remember what it gave me so after that i pressed Esc and it gave me a black screen and it says "initializing boot..." or something like that at the end it said press ctr+s so I did, nothing happened so i held down the power button to restart again, because i figured maybe it froze again, after i turned the PC back on the PC was running, all the fans were spinning but the monitor, the mouse and the keyboard had no signal, i looked everywhere for a solution, nothing worked, i thought maybe its a graphic card issue, so i removed it and connected the HDMI to the motherboard it didn't work, I removed the battery from the motherboard to clear C-mos because i thought it might be a bois issue as some video suggested, also didn't work, i checked if the ram sticks was seated properly it was (I did not take them off though just pressed on them to see if they're seated properly.) Can someone please help me with this issue, because i really don't know what to do!
PC specs
16gb hyper x ram
GTX 1080
SSD: 240gb WD blue "boot drive"
Mobo: ASRock z270 Extreme4
PSU: EVGA 500w bronze

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