Question PC won't get past POST after BSOD after installing a WiFi card ?

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Apr 9, 2017
My pc specs are:
Ryzen 3600x
Biostar B450
Crucial ddr4 3200 mhz 8gb x2 ram
GTX 1070

My pc worked perfectly then I installed a pcie wifi card and while it worked I got a "Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_or_Equal" BSOD. I ignored it and restarted the PC same used it for a bit got another BSOD this time the pc wouldnt POST. I removed the wifi card, tried removing cmos battery, trying ram sticks in different slots, reputting components, disconnecting peripherals but it won't work.

After countless trying i left it some hours without the power cord then when I booted it It worked, all my ram cpu and gpu was detected in the BIOS so I shut it down to connect my keyboard and mouse but now it won't POST again. I assumed the wifi card was somehow faulty or another fried motherboard so I got a new one, the Asus Prime B450M-A II but the pc still wont POST.

The fact that the ram and cpu were detected before and that the gpu worked as well makes no sense to me.
I tried using another PSU but it still won't POST. Which part went faulty?

What is the problem, what components can a wifi card kill and if it really killed them why did it decide to post at one point randomly ?


Win 11 Master
After countless trying i left it some hours without the power cord then when I booted it It worked, all my ram cpu and gpu was detected in the BIOS
have you tried this again? What Power supply do you have?

wifi cards shouldn't be able to kill things. The 1st error you get was a software error. No idea about 2nd BSOD.

you don't need to turn PC off to connect USB devices?
Aug 23, 2023
Hi guys!

Had the same problem! Tried the same solutions, no success at all.

But i was updating my ram. Bebidas that, i really think its the same thing! Please, read it!

I solved my problem randomly. I took it to the technician, against my will (lol) and when I got there, he plugged the power cable and his monitor.

To my surprise (or not) everything worked normally, but one thing called my attention. when the computer booted up, i saw the bios screen, asking if there was a hardware change.

Why we can see bios massage now!? The only thing different was the monitor! I google it. His monitor was old, he just turned it in and off with the button and the connection he used was hdmi. My monitor is modern, turns on and off by itself, identifies the connection and I use digitalport! Another thing, he uses hdmi conection from the motherboard, since my Intel i7 comes with monitor support, not my nvidia!

Thats it, I've found several posts on the internet about boot problems, accessing the bios on monitors connected to digitalport, nvidia even released a firmware to correct this! (But didnt work in my case)

I would never have guessed that this was the problem.

The posts with this problem (Black screen at boot, dificulty to enter bios (cause post screen didnt appear) also report that the bios is inaccessible when this occurs!

Which is a fact, because I pressed enter several times when I had the black screen and nothing. If it Washington Just Black, I would pass That bios massage! But i didnt)

The posts also sad that when The computer was turned on, it went directly thru Windows, with out pass thru bios post!

Red a post that sad that in case like this, we always changed conection to hdmi! Another one related that with with bios CSM enabled, the problem just disapear!

Hope this helps!

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