Question PC won't POST and BOOT light is lit on motherboard ?

Dec 26, 2022

so I am pretty experienced with everything from troubleshooting PCs to networking. I have my CompTIA A+, Net+, Sec+, CCNA, and AWS cloud practitioner, yet I can't figure out my own PC issue. PLEASE SAVE ME! lol

Current build:

MOBO - MSI B550A-Pro

CPU - Ryzen 5 3600X

GPU - MSI 3070 ti

RAM - Corsair 2x8gb LPX 3600

PSU - Gamemax 850W

Storage - silicon power 512bg m.2 (OS installed on it) and 4 TB Seagate HDD

Okay so here's my issue.. for Christmas my wife got my a ryzen 7 5800x CPU and 2x16gb corsair vengeance RAM. Like a dummy I didn't upgrade my bios before installing my new CPU and after installing all my new toys everything went to crap.

First my boot light on my MOBO was on so I repeated my m.2 that holds my OS and that didn't work. Then I tried switching back to my old CPU and RAM while simultaneously removing my CMOS battery and unplugging my PSU and MOBO cables and draining them to reset the bios configurations and even after reverting back to my old stuff that won't work either. I reseated all my cables going to my MOBO and PSU and that didn't work, and I even reseated my CPU and RAM and that didn't work. I've plugged directly jnto my MOBO HDMI and I still get nothing on my monitors and now after all my troubleshooting my VGA light turns on for a while first before switching to the boot light. This is the biggest pickle I've had with my own setup and I really don't know what else to do. I even checked the wattage on everything to make sure my 850w PSU can handle it and it does. PLEASE FREAKING HELP ME LOL!


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Well, if this was my machine the first thing I'd do is throw out or return that piece of garbage GameMax power supply and get something that is at least halfway decent. Not a hunk of PSU shaped object. Seriously, I don't know of ANY GameMax power supplies that have ever been shown to have any quality at all. They are more like potential dumpster fire type units for the most part. No reviews at all because reviewers know they aren't worth reviewing, at all.

Even if the PSU isn't the problem, which it very well might be, but also might not be, it's probably impossible to even try and rule anything else out with a really terrible quality power supply like any of the ones by GameMax in use.



You have an AM4 Ryzen cpu. It doesn't have an igpu. The motherboard hdmi is Only if you have a G series APU, which does have an igpu.

So you need to use the ports on the gpu, not the motherboard or you will get a VGA hangup every time.

Use whichever ram you want, in 2nd/4th slot. Use old cpu. Use gpu port. Make sure everything you pulled out unnecessarily is plugged back in, that means making sure the 24pin and 4+4pin eps/cpu are also plugged in and seated correctly.