Question Pc wont post and no debug codes or beeps


Jan 9, 2016
Sorry for the long post...My Pc which is an old build with the following specs:
I7 4771
Ecs z97 machine
8gb ram with 500watt coolermaster psu
Gtx 1060 6gb
At first my pc was randomly restarting so i figured it must be a psu and i changed the psu and it worked fine till the problem came back but after that my pc would stuck at post fans spinning and lights on but not the gpu fans and the debug monitor on the mobo shows 00 and doesn't light up but eventually it would work after that the problem got worse and the pc wont post with the same issues previously mentioned and it booted for like total of 4 hours in the last 8 months yesterday tried to boot it after reconnecting every thing back and it booted then restarted and the problem came back i tried everything i can and i wish any of u guys can help me