Question Pc won't post and shuts off shortly after powering it on

Jan 13, 2023
I recently changed my thermal paste moved my case fans around and unplugged my led/power switch front panel connectors and now I'm experiencing and issue where my mother board light turns off after a bit when I switch on my power supply on. Also the computer doesn't post and the fans are at full speed case/cpu. gpu fans are not running and it just shuts off then starts up again. My problem was originally that none of the fans and it did this boot loop thing but I sent it in to canada computers and it came back and the fans now ran at full speed before the computer shuts off then starts up again on it's own. They said that the mother board is the issue and all of my other components are fine and that everything is plugged in correctly but when I got my pc back they but the power switch and led in the wrong spot so I don't know whether to trust them and don't want to buy a new mobo if I don't have to help please. Lastly one time it reset a couple of times on it's on and just kept running without posting without shutting off on it's own if you have any questions let me know my specs are:

MOBO:asrock extreme4
PSU: corsair cx550m ,
CPU: Intel 8600k,
GPU: Radeon 5600xt.
Ram: G skill Aegis 3000 mhz
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