Question pc wont post, h100 elite capellix wont spin

Dec 31, 2021
Hello, i got a new pc build for christmas, and today i put it together. My component list is
b450m motherboard
ryzen 5 5600x
h100i elite cappilex
2 16gb sticks of corsair vengance 3200
evga 850 gt supernova

When i start my pc, the front fans spin fine, but the fans on my aio dont spin, spin for one second, then turn off, then start spinning again, then the whole system turns off. Then it starts all over again. I cant get to bios, and i cant do anything. i have tried all the standard stuff. The only things that may still be an issue is
  1. Faulty aio
  2. not supported bios
the second one is the one im confused on. I want to try to insant flash the b450m, by downloading the bios update on a usb then booting it from that, but the issue is that i cant even get the pc to post. Any suggestions would be wonderful.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Which slots are the rams populating on the motherboard? Can you parse a link to the motherboard used? As for your motherboard, can you locate and stickers to help identify what BIOS the board came shipped with? You also forgot to mention the make and model of your discrete GPU...since the processor you have does not have an iGPU. If you're expecting the display output ports on the motherboard to work, they won't since you don't have an APU.
Dec 12, 2021
You can first try removing one of the sticks of ram to see if it turns on. Ensure you have the correct ram slot populated. Refer to the manual that came with your motherboard.

You can try to jump the power supply and see if anything works a paper clip or a psu jumper works. Would be a way to know if it's your power supply or not. If you have a fan controller or rgb controller you can use this trick to figure out if it's the psu we just need to know if the psu will turn on and power a device

Are there any lights or beeps when you try to power it on? If so refer to your manual to identify the lights or beeps on the motherboard.

Do you have the additional psu power 4 or 8 pin at the top of the motherboard?

Were you careful not to spill any thermal paste in the cpu socket? It happens.

If your psu works and you've tried one ram stick. Most likely the motherboard is defective and you will have to RMA it.

Without more information or pictures it's hard to give you more precise ideas. I'm just spit balling here


Oct 4, 2020
have you got the coolers cables attached properly.,(to the 4 pic pumps fan header socket on the board(or 4 pin cpu socket on board), and also attached to the fan conroller that should have come with it? (that controller should be attached to a back of case, and have a cable from its sata power, going to a free "USB2" header on the motherboard.. if not this can cause the cooler to not work and shut down pc. my friend had that issue ,until he plugged in the sata-usb2 header.(not sure if you can run plug in a sata lead direct from psu to the contoller, you could look at aio's manual)