Question PC Won't Post - No EZ Debug LED's MSI B450M Gaming Plus


Nov 8, 2017
So the day before yesterday i noticed that my 2x8GB DDR4 RAM Sticks were clocked at 1600MHZ when the Sticks are actually 3000MHZ, so i changed it and evrything was great for a few Days, i'd probably played 20+ hours of a game and had to PC On for longer (Rebooted fine etc etc)

Today i turned my PC on and logged in and it booted fine, i went off for 10 minutes and came back and it was off, i turned it back on and the DRAM Ez Debug light came on. No problem i thought, so i Re seated the RAM and turned it back on, everything fires up, fans, rgb etc. and No Ez Debug lights come on... however now it just wont come on at all, eveythings lit up but i get no signal

I have tried:

Swapping RAM
Re-seating all my PSU Cables like 24pin and 8pin Mobo
Re-seating GPU
Removing CMOS Battery
Plugging VGA into actual MB Display
Booting with only 1 stick of RAM

I cant seem to get it to post, the monitor just gets no signal, the PC has been absoutely fine for around 10 Months since i built it. And its had a NEw PSU 3 months ago... So i'm at a lost, i'm just looking at it now.. Any help would be appriciated