Question PC wont post with graphics card installed

Jun 12, 2019
I recently built a computer (parts list added) and i am not receiving any signal from the graphics card. I am able to use integrated graphics without the graphics card in the motherboard, but when the graphics card in installed, the computer refuses to post. The gigabyte rx460 4gb does not have a power connector and receives all its power from the pcie slot. When i turn on the pc with the graphics card in, the fans on the card spin but i still dont get any signal. I tried the rx460 in another motherboard (asus strix z270) and that worked just fine, which eliminates a bad graphics card. I also tried a gtx 1080 on my msi motherboard and it worked aswell, so that eliminates a bad pcie connector. Im thinking that possibly the pcie connector on my msi motherboard is not supplying enough power to the rx460 and im not sure if there is a fix for this. I know that it is not a problem with my psu wattage because it is 1200 watts. Hopefully someone is able to help with this problem. thanks

Parts list
CPU: intel i5 8400
Motherboard: msi h310 pro
Graphics card: Gigabyte rx460 4gb
PSU: corsair ax1200i
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