Question PC Wont Recognize USB pendrive (which worked before)-Happened Recently

Mar 22, 2019
a couple of days ago I found out that my usb would no longer be recognized in any of my 3 usb ports - However my external mouse is still recognized - so I tried deleting all usb -drivers in system devices as suggested in another forum for dell inspiron. After I rebooted same problem still exists. can No longer boot from any USB. please help ?
the only time this pc does recognize the usb ports is when I boot of the "Dell windows 8 Restore usb Key" during bios startup- has anyone else had this problem and found how to fix ?

my external mouse and samsung mobile connects via usb & is recognized -

when I boot into safe mode- it asks me if I want to boot off a usb device - confusing I never had this many before-

when the unrecognised usbs get inserted -including my external hdd - it knows somethings plugged in -but comes up with this error as soon as i plug it in -
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