Question PC won't repair C Drive

Jan 17, 2022
I've recently been dealing with a slight stutter on my PC, and I've been told that it was an issue with my C drive.

I have checked the drive, and it is in fact in need of repair. The only issue is, it won't let me repair it.

I've run "chkdsk" through the Command Prompt, I've scanned and repaired through File Explorer, I've booted in Windows Recovery Mode and entered the Command Prompt there, and I've repaired through the Command Center, all to no avail.

Every way I can check, the PC tells me that there are errors on the drive, and even when I start the PC, it says "Scanning and Repairing Drive (C)" but when I get back on, it still says that there are errors, and I end up stuck in a loop of checking, repairing, and checking again.

Does anyone have any advice on how to actually make these scans and repairs work the way they're supposed to?
It seems to me that the Unexpected Power Loss Count attribute is telling us that the system is not being shut down in an orderly fashion. Does the raw value of this attribute increase after every cold restart or wake-up from sleep?

If the write cache is not flushed prior to shutdown, the file system may be in a "dirty" state when the drive is subsequently restarted. NTFS has a "dirty bit" which tells the OS whether the file system is consistent. If not, then the OS launches CHKDSK.
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