Question PC wont run for more than two seconds?

Mar 28, 2020
Hello, So I just got all the parts in to build an new pc and once I was almost done with the build, the PC wouldn't run for more than two seconds. I tried troubleshooting everything but the CPU because I don't have another intel i5 6400 skylake. I'm thinking the reason to why its not running is because of the CPU not being compatible with the motherboard but I don't wanna just buy something that I done need. If the CPU is the problem, I was looking into the i5 9400f 9th edition. would that CPU work?

Specs :
CPU: Intel i5 6400 Skylake.
Motherboard: MSI B365M Pro-VH.
GPU: Asus 1050 ti 4GB.
Ram: Patriot Viper Elite 2x4gb.
Power Supply: EVGA 500w.
Case: Versa H18 TG.
HD: WD Blue 2012 1TB
SSD: WD Green 240GB


One common issue is thermal paste. If not properly applied, the CPU immediately overheats and thermally shuts down.


You will need to check both the Motherboard's User Guide and the Motherboard's Manufacturer's website with regards to the supported CPUs.

That said another possibility is that the PSU is under wattage for your build.

Add up the component wattages. If a wattage range is provided use the high end value. For the GPU use the manufacturer's recommended PSU wattage value.

After totaling the wattages add 25% more to get a final wattage. How close is that final wattage to 500 watts?
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