Question pc wont shut down, restart, or even sleep, and does not display on monitor

Aug 26, 2023
I really need help.. I don’t know much about computers but I just know something is really wrong. My pc shut off and went to sleep after I stopped using it for a few minutes, which is normal. Except when it was time I decided to use it again, my pc turned on but wouldn’t display after I waved my mouse. This happened a lot recently (except the pc wouldn’t turn on at all) so I brushed this off and decided to just wait a couple of minutes until my mouse started responding again. Didn’t work, so I disconnected and replugged the mouse usb. Didn’t work, so thought it was time for new batteries… also didn’t work. 30 minutes pass and I tried everything (apart from psu switch/unplugging). Nothing has worked..

First I tried just turning off my computer w/ a power button tap and nothing happened, so I disconnected all extra connections, un plugged and replugged display port, reset my monitor and still nothing. Then I tried doing a hard reset/shut down by holding the power button and that’s when I realized the button wasn’t working at all… I pressed the tiny reset button next to it as a last resort and even that doesn’t work. My pc is not responding to anything and I can’t see anything because it doesn’t want to display. I’m dreading to use the psu switch/ unplugging my pc but I truly don’t know what else to do… it won’t even go to sleep by itself and it’s been well over 30 minutes at this point

If I do end up having to use the psu switch, how much of a chance is there for it to be completely safe and leave my pc unharmed ? Is there any other way I could fix these issues without being able to see my screen? Thank you…


Your PC hardware will not be harmed by unplugging the power supply.
I think your Laptop went into hibernation mode and froze. Should respond to KB or power button wake ups, like one tap, not hard shutdown, normally.
On software, only unsaved work files that were open at a time are at risk, that you would care about.
OS wise, hibernation and/or pagefile may go corrupt (cache, memory leaks). Which windows would normally restore.
Once you get it running, go into windows power settings and disable hibernation and shutting off drives on sleep.
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