Question Pc wont signal to monitor

Feb 25, 2020
Hello there,
Recently i have build my first gaming pc :)
Everything went alright, until i went ahead and plugged it in to my monitor. The fans were spinning and all but no video signal.

I tried almost everything what this and other forums said.
A list of things i did:
-unplugged and re-installed the gpu
- checked all connections
-resetted the cmos battery
-1 stick of ram, stick of ram in other slot etc
-checked if any cpu pins were bent
-made sure mobo isnt touching case(stand offs)
And much more (all the basics to: right video port other monitor DP, HDMI)

My conclusion now is that 1 of the components was DOA. I have no other pc to test gpu (friends all use laptop).

Im thinking that the mobo or gpu is dead
1st question: i have the B450 i aorus pro wifi
it didnt make a beep when i turned it on or a beep error code. Is this normal for this mobo?
2nd: any other suggestions what i can do?

Pc specs:
-Ryzen 5 2600
-rog strix rx 570 8gb
-B450 i aorus pro wifi
-2*8 corsair vengeance lpx 3000mghz
-evga 600w 80+

Thanks for taking your time to read all this, im really desperate so sugestions are welcome