Question PC won't start after trying to reset CMOS by pulling out the battery


Jun 7, 2017

My pc is like 2 years old now. I bought 3200mhz ram and tried enabling the xmp profile #2 which makes it run at it's advertised speed. I've had it running stable for several days with gaming on profile #1 which sets it to 3000mhz.

After enabling profile #2 pc didn't even boot into BIOS.. I did some reading and found out i needed to reset my BIOS. I didn't find the thing to connect the two jumpers on the MOBO so i just pulled out the battery, waited for a few minutes and then put it back. I put the gpu back again and plugged in all the cables again. The lights on the MOBO lit up as usual, but when i press the on button on my case nothing happens.

My guess would be i didn't do the CMOS reset correctly. I spent an hour trying to find out how to reset it properly without using the jumpers, but i didn't find out much so i just pulled out the batter and plugged it back in hoping for the best, that obviously did not work.

My MOBO is the ASUS Z270E.

Thanks in advance for any help!