Question PC won't start but peripherals light up

Feb 7, 2019
Asus H81m-k
RTX 2070
16 gb ram
Corsair CX650M PSU

At first it would turn on but there was no signal to the monitor, so I turned it off and unplugged the power to look around inside. Then shortly after it just wouldn't turn on anymore. The only lights now are from the mouse and keyboard. The night before it was working perfectly fine. Any ideas of what it could be?


Pull the GPU from PC and connect your monitor directly to MoBo.

If you get image on screen and PC boots fine, your GPU is dead. But if you still can't get any display, one of the following or all of them are dead: CPU, MoBo, RAM.

To test which one is dead, you'd need 2nd, compatible system where to test them out. Though, MoBo is usually the one that died.

As far as why something died in your PC, well your Corsair CXm PSU, at best, is mediocre quality PSU and i wouldn't use it in any PC that has dedicated GPU in it. With that PSU, it's quite high chance that it fried your components. Here, only fix is PSU replacement, and that with good/great quality unit. Any Seasonic PSU in 600W range will do fine (e.g: Focus+ or PRIME series).
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