Question PC won't start into bios and mouse keyboard no power and no signal to monitor

Feb 10, 2019
Right I decided to build my brother a computer using my old parts.

I used my old ryzen 3 1300x

Rx 570

8gb ddr4 2666mhz ram

And I bought a b350a tomohawk Mobo from ebay( from a guaranteed seller).

I also used a old 500w power supply.

I put the system together I've built quite a few now, no problems. I then connect the SSD which had windows on. I turn on the pc it all turns on fine, all the fans lights everything on. On the new motherboard it has a EZDEBUG light which I had never seen before it had DRAM and CPU on. I thought wierd CPU should be fine and the ram is brand new and in the right slots. So I removed one stick of ram as I've heard this helps?. S
The light remains on. So I swap out the CPU for my ryzen 1700 CPU. The light remains on. I'm not getting any signal on the screen nor are the mouse and keyboard receiving any power. So I decide to use my ram in case this 2666mhz is incompatible. Dosent work. At this point I'm losing interest and decide to put my PC back together. But wait the exact same problem happens to me the system starts but the mouse receives no power and neither does the monitor detect the pc. So at this point I'm like fuck. I decide the reset the CMOS by shorting the pins and unplugging all cables and the little CMOS battery. Then I put everything back in. Didn't work .

I've just purchased a motherboard speaker to help diagnose the issue but I don't understand why my system with components that were working the day before and turn on power up are now not working. Has the other motherboard fried my components?? I've also tried multiple gpu I used my 1060 in my brothers to see if that's why there was no signal but nothing.

Surley If the components were fried the pc wouldn't even start.

Please get back to me as I kind of need the computer for University :/ and it was quite expensive


Nov 27, 2018
have you got another motherboard to test the components with? if it boots then the new mobo needs to go back, if it doesnt then, just a process of elimination i suppose.