Question PC won't start properly after using Outbyte Driver Updater ?

Feb 28, 2023
So I was having issues updating Windows, I kept getting an error code and it immediately told me that it could not perform the update, so naturally, to the internet I go in search of a resolution. I found a forum saying perhaps my drivers were out of date and they provided a link to a site called "Outbyte Driver Updater" the reviews were solid so I installed it and let it do its thing. I restart my PC and wham "Your PC could not start properly" The only issue is, I cant even sign into my account for administrative privileges, it tells my my password is incorrect.

I've reset my password to that email to no avail. I'm stuck, I cant do anything. Every option requiring a password doesn't work because it tells me my password is wrong, I cant reset the PC, I cant perform a system restore, I tried resetting by keeping my files, going nuclear by wiping the drive, doing cloud install, local install, all it tells me is after the reboot is "There was a problem resetting your PC, no changes were made" (it was telling me this even before I downloaded "Outbyte". I've tried everything I know how to do. My computer is a brick now, any help on how to make my computer take my password or any help in general would be much appreciated.