Question Pc wont start , psu gpu and cpu fan keep spinning and stop for 3 secs and restart

May 14, 2019
So 2 Months ago i was sitting at home and my gaming pc was in sleep mode , suddenly i heard explosion coming from my pc , exactly from my psu 400w without any sticker that show which brand is , i replace the psu with cx 450 and install it in the motherboard , connect all the pins correctly and test it fortunately it turned on without any problems , i bought cooler master cooler evo 212 with it so , i unplugged everything again and put thermal paste over the cpu and installed all of the screws and then when i turned my pc on , all of my fans ( including cpu , gpu , and psu ) were spinning with no signal on the monitor , i googled it and read all the forums so i changed the ram slots , and turned it on again then it worked so fine , when i tried to restart the pc , i had the same problem again , i tried to switch the ram slots but no results , so i decided to unplug the hdd pins and plug it again in the motherboard then it worked again , i decided to play games on it because even the cpu temperature was below 35c , i was playing for 5 hours without any problem , then i turned the pc off to go sleep , and then on the morning i pushed the on button and had the same problem , so i tried to unplug the hdd and plug it again it didnt work , i tried to change the ram slots and it didnt work either , reinstalled the cpu and even the cpu cooler without anyresult , the ( psu , cpu , gpu) fan keep spinning and no signal on the monitor , so i tried to reset the bios setting through taking off the battery , unplugged the power grid , waited for 30 mins and then plugged everything on again and then when i pushed the on button , the cpu fan and psu and the gpu fan were spinning for 3 seconds and stopped and the pc keep restarting again , with no light on the button , except the hdd led was flashing , i tried to reset the bios through the jumper with no results , the psu and cpu and the gpu fan were spinning for 3 seconds and stopped , and the pc restart , i dont doubt because of the psu because i just bought it , i doubt on the motherboard could be dying or something i even tried unplug and plug the front header with no result , i doubted there was short circuit between the metal and the case so i unplugged everything and took the motherboard and put it on the card board with no result , all of the fans keep spinning and stop for 3 seconds , i bought the new 3v battery and plugged in and again no results , could someone give me the reason or help me to figure out what is wrong , THANKS :)

CPU : I5 3570k
GPU : GTX 960 2G
RAM : 1x2 gb , 1x4 gb
HDD : 250gb hdd
PSU : CX 450W


First off, add some space inside your wall of text so that anyone who reads it doesn't hurt their eyes nor lost track reading a line. Due to that, i didn't read most of what you have there.

Secondly, Corsair CX-series PSUs, at best, are mediocre quality PSUs and i wouldn't put it into any PC that has dedicated GPU in it. CX-series PSUs are only good for office PCs with CPU on-board graphics. For gaming PCs, i won't look anything below good build quality PSU. And when it comes to brand/OEM, i stick with Seasonic since you can't go wrong with Seasonic unit. But you can go wrong with Corsair unit.

What you're describing in your topic title points towards dead MoBo. Cheaping out on PSUs, which you've done, can easily kill your PC since MoBo is usually 1st to go when powered by "budget" PSU.

That being said, minimum you're looking at is new LGA1155 MoBo (if you can find one) and new, good quality PSU.

For your PC, any Seasonic unit in 500W range will do fine, e.g Focus 550, Focus+ 550, PRIME Snowsilent 550 or PRIME Ultra 550 Platinum,

Warranty wise:
Focus: 7 years
Focus+ : 10 years
PRIME: 12 years (includes all PRIME models: regular, Fanless, AirTouch, SnowSilent, Ultra)

(All my 3 PCs: Skylake, Haswell and AMD are also powered by Seasonic. Full specs with pics in my sig.)

Or cut your losses and go with completely new and up-to-the-date PC. E.g Intel 8th/9th gen. Minimum you can get away would be new CPU-MoBo-RAM combo with new, good quality PSU, while reusing your storage drives, GPU and PC case.

So, here's the life lesson for you: if you care about your PC, do not cheap out on PSU. Since PSU powers everything, it is the most important component inside the PC. Also, while the PSU warranty covers the PSU itself and you can RMA the blown PSU, the PSU warranty doesn't cover any other component the PSU fried.
Most people learn the hard way not to cheap out on a PSU when low quality PSU blows and takes part of the system or the whole system with it. Even entire houses have been burned down because of the fire low quality PSU caused when it blowed up. But if you don't care about your PC, buy a fire extinguisher to save your life and home.
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May 14, 2019
Thanks for the quick reply . Before even buying this psu I've read in many forums that it ranked in tier 3 so it will do fine since i got mid-end pc gamer specs , and i've read in multi forums that this psu will do fine even with the 1060 6gb , and i calculated the wattage i needed and i got 372W , so i thought that 450w will be enough for this set-up that why i made that choice .

Anyway i'll look for a new seasonic as you mentioned , and the mobo special its difficult to find a new 1155 mobo , my budget is limited that why ( for now ) cant afford high end pc specially im aiming on rx 570 4gb that looks not that much expensive .

I'll stick with my specs for now and buy only the Mobo aswell the psu and test it hope it works!


You're welcome.

Older models of Corsair CX and CXm series (with green labels) were so bad units that they ended up as low quality units (on-par with current Corsair VS series). Corsair has since improved their CX and CXm line (with gray labels) and now, they are better but not enough to be considered as good quality PSU. All Seasonic units are either good quality or great quality (depending on the series).

I'll take Corsair CX550m as an example (modular version of CX-series, with same OEM and platform).
While CXm series are cheap, you won't get solid build quality and all Japanese capacitors as you can get with Seasonic units. Here's one in-depth review of CX550m,

Corsair CX550m does provide some good results but it also provides some bad results. Like hold-up time that is way lower than the ATX PSU standard specifies it to be. CX550m has hold-up time of 11.20 milliseconds while the ATX PSU standard for hold up time is a minimum of 16 milliseconds. For comparison, Seasonic PRIME 650 80+ Titanium (best 650W PSU money can buy at current date) has hold-up time of 30 milliseconds.

And it's just not the hold-up time, there are other, more apparent things that doesn't make it good quality unit. One of them is the very noisy sleeve bearing fan used in it. At minimum, you're looking 39 dB(A) from the fan, which can rise up to 43.1 dB(A). It's like having 140mm Noctua industrial 3000 RPM fan in your PC running at max speeds.

Since CX550m it has nice list of good things and also bad things, it's a mediocre quality unit. If there were more bad than good (including price) it would be a bad unit and vice-versa.

I, personally, wouldn't use it. While it can be used just fine for an office PC that never sees any high loads and also where the PSU noise isn't that important. But for home use in a gaming PC, where PC longevity and noise are important factors, i'd use and also suggest using better quality and more silent PSU.

Different persons have different standards (some have higher standards while others have lower standards) and it's up to every person to decide how good of a build quality components are safe to use in their PC. But keep in mind that PSU is the most important component inside the PC since it powers everything.

Since i care a lot about all my PCs, i won't put a mediocre quality unit into my PC that fails to meet ATX PSU standards set in place for all OEMs to follow, so that the PSUs are safe to use and doesn't damage other components.
In fact, i've gone above and beyond regarding PSUs in my PCs. Some may call me nuts that i payed €206.80 for a PSU that sits in my Skylake build (Seasonic SSR-650TD) while i would've been safe with a PSU that costs €69.70 (Seasonic SS-520GM2). While that can be true and i could've saved a lot of money, i feel safe and comfortable that my main PC is powered by the best offered by Seasonic.
I won't suggest expensive PSUs in builds when the budget is way restricted. But i still suggest getting a PSU that at least meets all the ATX PSU standards, even if it's fully wired (like Seasonic SS-520GB).

As far as PSU wattage goes, minimum free wattage headroom would be 100W. E.g if your PC at max load consumes 375W, at least 475W PSU would be needed. Since there are no 475W PSUs, you're looking towards 500W range unit.
Also, PSUs are most efficient when the load on them is between 50% and 80% of their max wattage capacity. But PSUs don't operate long very close to their max wattage output and lower quality PSUs can't even output the marketed wattage. I've seen plenty of cheap PSUs where label reads e.g 600W but in reality (during testing), PSU blows when load on it is much lower.
Here, it's better even if you have 300W free wattage headroom rather than only 75W free wattage headroom. With that being said, you can even put 600W range good quality PSU in your PC without issues.
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May 14, 2019
i got the gray label cx 450w , well i'll keep this in mind and i'll look for a new Mobo and psu and test them out .

Anyway Thanks for these information and also thanks for your time :)