Question Pc won't start with 3080ti plugged in

Sep 4, 2022
My GPU 3080 TI crashed while playing a game.

My PC won't start up when the 3080TI Gigabyte gaming Oc is plugged in but without it will start.

I tried a new PSU 850 watt and the same issue, pc will only start without the GPU plugged.
when it's plugged in and i try to start it, it makes a click noise and then nothing.

I had issues before with my PC shutting down when gaming, the issues would disappear and then randomly appear again

Now I'm wondering the following things:

Could it be the motherboard?( tried both pcei slots both didnt work)

What caused it to die? Is a new graphics card safe?

The clippings of the Noctua were always touching the backplate of the 3080ti
Not sure if anything there caused anything.

The specs; 5600x amd, 16gb ram, noctua nh-d15, 750watt seasonic gold plus, 3080ti gigabyte gaming oc.