Question PC won't start with all my RAM sticks

Oct 25, 2020
So recently I've had a lot of problems with my windows 10. Apparently the 20H2 update totally <Mod Edit> my PC. Before figuring that out, I messed around with my RAM due to it might being the problem (I got the PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA error). Now that everything is back to normal (almost) my RAM isn't working like it used to. All my 4 ram sticks work, bu I can only use 2 at a time. If I use all 4, the computer won't start. I just starts, stays on for a couple of seconds, the turns itself of, then on, etc. I tried using 3 sticks and it "worked". My PC turned on but said that there were faulty memory or something. I found out that as soon that there's a RAM stick in the second slot from the CPU it won't work.

My PC works fine now, but of course I would like to use all my RAM sticks. Any ideas on what might be the problem?
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