Question PC wont start


Aug 1, 2015
PSU: Corsair SF600 platinum
Motherboard: Asus B450-I
CPU: Ryzen 2600
GPU: EVGA 980ti (4 years old)

OK so I built a brand new PC about 3 weeks ago but used the GPU from my old system.
While gaming last night my pc just switched off completely black. no error screen or anything. When trying to turn it back on nothing happened, all I got was a click from the PSU and the fan moved like half an inch.

Thought it might be a power problem, after testing the PSU with a paper-clip it works fine I have found that it is something to do with the GPU.

If I don't have my card plugged in the system turns on and CPU cooler fans start spinning. Mobo speaker gives me beeps for no VGA detected since its a Ryzen card.

It seems like my GPU has just busted, it is the oldest component, but it seems odd that it would so soon after a new build and has been 100% stable for years.

Is there some way I can test if its either with the power delivery of the PSU being overloaded or something when attaching the power hungriest component or the PCI slot on the mobo?
(besides obviously chucking the GPU into another system, I dont have another to hand)


All you need that will be an extra GPU, either borrow one from your friend or go to local PS shop ask for help to test the gtx980ti, or buy a cheap one. If the gtx980ti has problem, contact evga tech support.