May 31, 2020
Hi, I have built several systems but this one is really strange.

My pc will not start. so I troubleshooted and couldn't identify the problem.
When I insert the G3930 cpu the system won't post, so I placed I5 9400f in the same system to see if it would start and it did.
I then placed the G3930 in a completely different working system to see if it is faulty but the system started flawlessly, this indicated the cpu is working.

So now i know the mobo, psu and ram works but why would it not work with the g3930?

Your answers and suggestions will be much appreciated.

The system:-
CPU - Intel g3930
Mobo - H310I-Plus R2.0
Ram - 8gb ddr4 2600mhz
SSD - 500gb
PSU - 300w bronze



up until this point of building several systems you just bought parts and hoped for the best? Try to make sure compatibility, you may be putting yourself at risk for an explosion that could cause fire or worse serious injury to yourself.
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Im not being rude. Im being serious. There are so many computer parts out there nowadays and some made cheap and cost less for a reason (they may cause damage). I wouldn't want you or anyone for that matter getting seriously injured because they didnt feel the need to take a couple more minutes out of their day to ensure the products are good and tested and are compatible. Just looking out for yah is all.