Question PC wont stay turned on

Jun 15, 2020
Hi all

ive been scowering these forums for the past 4 hours tryin to diagnose my problems but no matter what i do i cant seem to figure out how to fix my problem

The issue occured earlier tonight when i was playing videogames and my PC suddenly turned off, i tried turning it back on and nothing happened so i completely disconnected it, left it for half an hour and came back, reconnected everything and tried to get it to work again, i switched it back on, it started up, booted straight to my home screen and i was relieved, for 47 seconds before it turned off again, tried turning it on again with the power button and nothing happened.

Ive cleaned the dust away and reconnected all of my components and nothing is working, i can get into windows and browse my computer for an average of 45 seconds before it decides to turn off again

any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

my specs are

-RTX 2060

-Ryzen 1500X CPU

-bequiet 500W PSU

-Corsair Vengance 16gb ram

- Asus Prime B350M-A