Question PC won't turn on after CMOS clearing.


Dec 3, 2016

So my pc started freezing,
After i held the power button it turned off.
When turned on again GTX 1080ti started beeping, with no display and the mouse and keyboard stayed off. After a couple restarts it started up and said something about overclocking and bios settings, i pressed F5 to reset to overclock settings to default. It still didn't work, and still got no display and no power in the mouse and keyboard. I decided to take out the battery, wait for 5 minutes, but it didn't work. I accidently forgot the power supple was still plugged in when i tried it again but this time using the CMOS pins to clear bios. Took out the battery and changed the pins while power was plugged in, but pc was off. After that the computer doesn't even want to start.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Motherboard: Dell XJKKD, MS-7862
Graphics Card: Aorus 1080ti
CPU: i7 5820k
Computer: Dell Area 51 R2
2 SSD's, 1 HDD, i think it has 2 or 3 fans in it. I will edit the power supply here.

Thank you for your time.