Question Pc wont turn on after i overclocked my gpu which led to a blue screen

Apr 10, 2020
I was trying to oc my gpu following some guides that i had seen and it was all going well. I had overcloked my gpu(Rx 570) and ran some tests to see if it was stable and it ran well with no problems. I was using MSI Afterburner and these were the overclocks that i had applied 1400 on Core Clock 1900 on the Memory Clock and set the fan speed to 100 as-well as the power limit. I even played some games for a couple of hours without any problems. I later decided to watch some videos and my pc crashed into the blue screen and was supposedly going to restart but didnt and it kept turning off and on with a little beep noise with no display output. I was going to take a pic of the error code but did not have enough time and it shut down. I thought the oc was stable but i guess that wasnt the case any help or tips would be appreciated. If more info is needed just ask me.

PC Specs
Cpu-i5 4570
Ram-8gb at 1600
Gpu-Rx 570 4gb Asus Strix OC edition
Apr 9, 2020
try to turn your integrated graphics In bios and disable your asus graphics card there. After you successfully turned your pc on, try to run some tests or something like that or else replace your gpu



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