Question PC wont turn on after running overnight.

Feb 15, 2023
Hello, recently my pc turned off overnight when it was running some basic tasks and when I woke up my pc was off. I tried to turn it back on and it nothing happened. I have tried buying a new PSU after I thought it was that. I still have the same problem.

CPU: AMD 5900x
Motherboard: Asus B450-f gaming
GPU: 3050
Case: Cooler master MB520
PSU: Corsair RM850X

Things I have tried:
Resetting CMOS
Trying different outlets
Jumping PC

Few things to note. I tried to switch outlets once and it didnt work. A few days later I did the same and it worked. After I tried moving it back to the room my pc is normally in and it stopped working. Also when I jump the PC the RGB on the case fans turn on a for a split second then turn on. Also there is an RBG idle Asus logo that is on. Though no debug led is on as that light turns on when the PC turns on.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Jumping PC
You mean jumping the PSU pins or the front panel power pins?

You might be suffering from a grounding issue if your relocation to another wall outlet brought life back to the system. Do you get a mild tingling sensation when making contact with the metal part of your case while your feet are bare and touching a non-wooden, non-carpeted, tiled floor?