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[SOLVED] PC won't turn on

Jul 7, 2019
The PC was built more than two years ago, and it has been working fine till a couple of days ago.

When pressing the power button on the chassis, nothing is turning on or spinning. Here is what I've attempted.

  1. Removed everything (graphics card, memory, etc) from the motherboard.
  2. Left the CPU and a few fan headers plugged in.
  3. No peripherals connected to PSU.
  4. 8-pin connector were connected to the motherboard.
Test #1 - When I left the 24-pin plugged in, the PWR_LED on the motherboard is flashing. However, when I shorted the power pins, nothing was happening.
Test #2 - The 24-pin was a 20-pin + 4-pin. I plugged the 4-pin connector to the motherboard, and shorted the green and black wire in the 20-pin connector, the PSU and a few fans connecting to CHA FAN pins were spinning, but no the CPU fan.
Test #3 - Unplugged the 24-pin entirely, and shorted the green and black wire, PSU fan was spinning.

The motherboard is ASUS Z170-E and the power supply is EVGA 500B.

Which component is most likely failing in this case? Any pointer is very much appreciated.