Question PC won't work if the temperature was too hot ( bootloop )

May 29, 2021
Hi i am new to this forum , i have weird problem since i live in saudi arabia ( desert )sometime in the summer we hit 50 celsius
so when i try to power the PC without air conditioner ( only room fan )
in the winter the room temperature like 30c - 35c the pc work fine for the first try only if i shut down the pc i can't make it start again without air conditioner

in the summer room temperature above 40c pc does not work at all ( stuck in boot loop ) need air conditioner for 15min before it can work ( sometime i need the pc fast but i have to wait it cold )
i don't know if the temperature it's the main problem or i can use program to ignore the temperature sensor
i have gigabyte motherboard ( bought from USA 2017 ) and we have 0 support from gigabyte in Saudi ( worst brand ever ) i never know before i buy it

my pc
gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 7 ( F14 )
intel core i7 8700k ( base speed )
Noctua NH-D15
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB ( 2x8 )
Samsung NVMe ( + 2 hdd )

i test another psu but same problem , when it stuck in boot loop motherboard give me error with cpu light
boot loop ( pc start for 1 sec then trun off )
here photo when i start the pc ( temperature not that high )
here video same as my problem

please help me
i did try that but does not work , can i use program to ignore the temperature sensor ? or from bios settings
You don't want to do that because the CPU and/or GPU could burn itself up if the temperature sensor is disabled. Search for "cryo pc cooling" for options to handle the problem. I'm not sure what is available where you live. You may have to order over the internet and wait for it to arrive. That would be a pain but not so much as a destroyed CPU/GPU.