Question PC38X not loud enough (and recognized as speakers)

May 9, 2022
Hi guys, I just received my PC38x. I was excited to try it but the sound seems not loud enough. All my sound settings are maxed (even on the headset) but honestly even my airpods are louder. The sound seems to be louder when i plug the jack in front of the case than in the back but it doesnt seem to be enough. I dont use any amp but from what I've read my pc alone should be enough to provide enough power.
The PC38X is also not recognized as a headset but as speakers. I dont know if that's related but when I try to change it to headset with realtek audio manager, it tells me "this device is not supported"

If you have any solutions please tell me i'm kinda lost right now...


Right click the small speaker icon normally located in the lower right screen corner.

A five item menu window should appear with each menu "item" leading to any number of windows, tabs, and properties.

First explore all of the windows, tabs, etc.. without making any changes but do keep notes about anything you see that is not as expected. Then such things can be researched (googled) accordingly.

Another possibility is "TRS" (Tip, Ring, Sleeve). There may be some plug, port, and adapter mismatch.


Take a close look at all plugs and ports. And any adapters as well.