Question PCB layout for Nvidia Quadro P4000 ?

Feb 14, 2023
Hello! Im new here!
I need electric schematic diagram or blueprint of pcb layout of components for my Nvidia Quadro P4000 gpu. Is there a soul out there who can help me with this ?
I need the component layout because of a component burn on my gpu and if I know what component it is I´ll try to replace it. (Hopefully) Thanks in advance


Not something you are going to find anywhere, and the parts selection might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. They will all have likely followed the same design, but part sourcing isn't always super consistent.

Best you can do is look at detailed pictures of the naked PCB and look for part numbers, or actually purchase a second dead GPU to harvest parts from. No guarantee of repair either, whatever made it blow up in the first place could still be present. A short in the memory or GPU for example.

Quadros rarely get the same attention as gaming cards, so not sure there are any good high res images of the board.