Question PCE-AX58BT WIfi 6 Adapter PCIE Blue Screen

Mar 4, 2019
This wifi adapter is giving me a blue screen right out of the box. Computer is brand new with i9900. I tried the first PCIe slot and it went to blue screen almost immediately. I tried the second slot and window loads to the login screen and then just blue screen after a few seconds. I think I have a faulty card, nothing like this has happened to me before. What should I do?
You pay a premium for asus equipment partially because they have better customer support than some the so called "value" brands. It almost has to be a hardware issue. You could boot a USB stick with a linux distribution on it and see if it crashes. You could also try to load windows in safe mode if you can get it to boot.

Although it should not have major issues like this you are dealing with very new technology. If they did not delay it again that standard was only finalized the end of December.