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Question PCI adapter keeps disconnecting me from my network

Aug 6, 2019
So i recently bought a new PCI adapter like few months ago. First it worked really great, i primarly bought it because i was using a usb one before and i had high ping all the time which i couldn't game on or connect to servers, he dropped my connection several times aswell.

So i switched to Archer T4E PCI adapter card. This one: https://www.tp-link.com/nl/home-networking/adapter/archer-t4e/

Problem i have now is I can download as regular (same speed as usb) and i can game on it too fine.
But when i google too much or watch youtube video's in 1080P he keeps disconnecting my internet without a reason.

It looks like my adapter stays on when it's disconnected like i can connect or browse to different networks but it just let me leave my current one until i manually disconnect and connect, and than its back browsable a few seconds later.
i have the global icon when this happens and it just says my network, "no connection" or something like that but i can join new ones.

It's pci so its in my pci slot and it was properly set and the sticky thingys [LOL] antennas stick out of the back of my pc pointing sideways/up. Should i reseat and unscrew the adapter and see if that improves it? I unistalled drivers and manually installed etc. Maybe its a windows update problem?

My brother plays on the same internet, not overloading with a ethernet cable and he doesn't disconnect so i dont think its a router problem.

Please can use some help, thank you