Question PCI device ID of SSD changed???

Sep 3, 2021
I hope I'm posting this in the right forum and hopefully someone can answer.

I've been using a Western Digital SN750 1TB SSD for about half a year and it used to work just fine (and does again now). Earlier today the VM I had installed on it would no longer start. I investigated the issue and found the following:

  1. The drive did not show up in the host machine's UEFI (it did before this happened)
  2. Running lspci on the host did still list the drive
  3. The pci device id changed (how is that even possible???) It used to be 15b7:5006 and changed to 15b7:5002
  4. I am passing the SSD through to the VM using its bus and slot number, which did not change, but the VM could not access the drive
  5. I did not find anything in journalctl, SMART doesn't report anything either
I tried to troubleshoot the problem and it apparently fixed itself after some reboots. The drive does not hold any valuable data, everything stored on it can be replaced quite easily, but I'd still like to know what's up with the drive. Should I replace it or was it just my server doing messing up?

And I'd really like an answer to 3) aren't vendor and device id supposed to be static? How can they change?

Looking forward to your ideas, thanks :)