Question PCI-e 8-pin to 6+2 pin

Mar 15, 2019
Hi everyone.

So, my graphic card failed me some weeks ago.
I thus bought a new one that could last for some months before changing my whole setup.
I decided to buy an EVGA GTX 1060 SC.

My problem is: it came with a PCI-e 6 pin slot whereas my PSU only has 8 pin slots (and a 6 pin PCI-e to 4 pin molex adapter).
I have some 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables which I tried to connect, but it doesn't seem to work out (the computer won't start).

What are my options here?
6 pin to 6 pin?
Change PSU?
Try some stuff with the adapter delivered with the GC? (Don't have any idea how though)

(PSU can handle the graphic card, so it's not the issue here.)

Thanks in advance! :)

Math Geek

what is the exact model of the psu? rest of system specs?

i've not seen a psu with an 8 pin pcie that was not a 6+2 so i am curious what that 8-pin is. probably one for the cpu and not the pcie card. need the psu model so can see what it has on it and rest of specs so know what to expect to be needed and used
Mar 15, 2019

So the PSU is an HX750 80+ Gold from Corsair.
Rest of the specs shouldn't be an issue, but for the main parts:
  • Motherboard: MSI Z-87-G45 Gaming
  • CPU: Intel I5 4690K
  • Former GC: GTX 770

Hope that helps!
Mar 15, 2019
Update: The problem doesn't seem to come from my Graphic Card.

My computer refuses to start (it starts for a fraction of second then turns itself off) even without it.

So I guess my issue is elsewhere, from the motherboard or something.
Mar 15, 2019
Ok so finally found out the solution.

When I installed the Graphic Card, I inadvertently unplugged the CPU cable.
Of course it wouldn't start. I immediately thought it had something to do with the new GC.
I tried without the GC, it wouldn't start either (obviously).
And that's when I found out that unplugged cable.
Retried with everything plugged correctly, it works.

To summarize:
  • 8 pin (on PSU) to 6+2 pin (on a GC's 6 pin slot) works.
  • Do not neglect cable management.
  • Be gentle when you install a new component.
Anyway, sorry if I wasted some of your time for a futile question.
Thanks a lot, and have a great evening!