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Question pci-e for gpu won´t let me use my pc

Jul 25, 2019
So today i have a problem when using my Pc. i was playing a game and get a grey screen and my pc got freeze and making noise over the headphones so i restarted and use msi after burner to check temps when playing to see if that was the problem but no gpu was at 40 "c and cpu at 55 "c and again grey screen so i turn off my pc again and disconect my gpu and use vga for integrated graphis and starts just fine but when i use hdmi and connect my gpu my pc only turn on but preripherals don´t (keyboard and mouse) but with VGA everyting works.. so i did something i know il should´t do and that is connecting the PCI-E to the gpu when my pc its on (i left the gpu on the pci on the motherboard and fans turn on but don´t show anything with hdmi) so when i connect the PCI-E my pc restart itself i know i´l could toast my pc but with that i think my pci-e cable from the psu its dead (i think)

MY pc
asrock h61m-vg3
i5 2400
16 gb ram a data
rx 570 8gb asrock phantom D oc
PSU Bitfenix BPA 600w 80 plus
My Ram 8gb x2 GPU rx570 and PSU are all new only my mobo and cpu are old ones that i use for years now

if anyone knows if its better remplaze my psu or my gpu (that run the fans connected to my MOBO) both have warranty

thanks for the help and sorry for my grammar