PCI-E Frequency on MSI-P6N Sli Platinum


May 12, 2008
Hello all, I've recently started overclocking and I would like to say thanks so much to everyone around here, you've saved me many headaches through this entire process.

Basically I'm looking for some help on finding out if my PCI-E frequency is locked at 100. My bios says that it is at 100, but I'll be honest, I don't trust my bios . One because it is an outdated version(Not comfortable flashing just yet) and because a few other settings aren't always true when I check them with programs like Cpu-z/sisoftsandra/ect.

I overclocked my Q6600 C2Quad GO stepping recently from 2.4 to 3.0 while increasing the FSB from 1066x9 to 1333x9 by only increasing my ram voltage by .05 and my FSB VTT by 16%(No vcore increase). My temps at load after 4 hours of Prime95 were 63 at the hottest core, so I figure everything is running pretty good. I ran 3dmark06 and got a 1300+ point increase from my stock settings, so it definitely is a great improvement. I just want to make sure I don't burn up my 8800GT GPU because my bios shows me the pci-e frequency is at 100, when it's really not(I'm hoping it is).

So my question is, is their a program that I can download that will show me exactly what my PCI-E Frequency is? Or should I be fine since I passed 3dmark06 while under this current overclock without any graphic anomalies.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it and thanks again for all the great info on this site.



Feb 9, 2008
I believe thats the standard setting for mother boards. Very few modify the PCIe bus without asking. ;)

You wont necessarily do any damage by upping the PCIe bus to, say, 110ish. But I dont think I have seen anyone go over 15 Mhz higher.

Your Vid Card is safe as long as you are using manual over clocking. The only time I have seen a board OC the PCIe bus was when you select some weird AI Overclock based on a percentage.

Only a few boards have that trash, so you are all good!

And flashing the Bios helps alot. But isnt needed unless you get odd errors, especially with new stuff for the old board!

You could always just play with ATI Tools if you wanted to test your Vid card or such!