PCI-e slot compatibility

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Miami Son

Jan 30, 2012
Hello, I want to replace my motherboard on my HP m9300t mainly because I want an i5, faster RAM and a better video card. The stock MB will not allow me to use a double-width video card without losing a PCI-e slot and I need them both as I have two digital tuner cards I use for Windows Media Center. The selection of m-ATX MBs leaves little choice. The tuner cards are supposed to work with x1-x8 slots. Does this mean they can plug into the longer PCI-e slots or must they be the shorter x1-style slots? If they can use the longer slots I have a much wider choice of MB to look at. Thanks.
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All PCIe slots will support PCIe x1 cards (x16, x8, x4 and obviously x1). IMO - it might be worth investing in a new case that supports: full ATX, USB 3.0, more PCIe slots, better airflow, etc...
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