PCI-E SSDs down the road

I figured I would throw this thought out on Tom's as I am not that seasoned with SSD's and I'm sure there are people in this community with all sorts of experience and thoughts on... my thoughts.

I am currently running Vista 64bit Ultimate and have been holding off on Windows 7 as I have had no issues with my Vista install. I am looking down the road to Windows 8 when it is releases, or most likely until the first Service Pack comes out. I'd like to upgrade my primary drive to an SSD. However, my motherboard only supports SATA2(300MB/s) and if I go with an SSD I want it to be FAST. I am quite content with my current setup. I usually refresh my mobo/cpu/ram every 3 years, but I have found my current setup to be very adequate. So my thought is a PCI-E SSD and upgrade to Windows 8, at some point. The only PCI-E SSD's I can find are OCZ and I just saw a review on one from OWC. Does anyone have any thoughts on these, pros or cons, experience? Intel is making a 900 series PCI-E SSD, but is target toward enterprises and will be pretty costly. I am looking around the $500ish range for 240GB+- a little.

Comments welcome. :)


You very likely wouldn't be able to tell any noticeable difference between running a sata ssd on your sata 2 ports vs using one of the pci-e devices.

If you run benchmarks you could tell, but otherwise there would be very little gain for what would be a much more expensive drive setup.

Personally Win 8 seems to have a horrible interface, and don't see it going over to well.

I have thought about just getting a SATA3 SSD and just letting it run on SATA2. I guess it would just max out the 300MB/s as much as possible. I just hate not taking full advantage of the speed. I know load times between 300 and 600MB/s may not be that noticeable, but you know. It is not off the table though. It would be my simplest solution.

I am banking on Windows 8 being able to have a classic mode instead of that Metro UI deal. It will anger a lot of desktop users if you can't turn that off. I just hate upgrading to an OS that is just about to be replaced (windows 7).