PCI Express 8X versus 16X...Please Advice..


Apr 10, 2006
Good Day,

I have recently upgraded my system from a s478 PIV to an AMD s939. Well, I chosed an Infinity SLI NF4 DFI motherboard, not because I now want to have a SLI system, but because maybe some day I will have it. Now, I own a 7900 GTX Gigabyte 512 MB and to my great suprise, I realized that using only one video card makes my motherboard work with a PCIE bus of only 8X without possibility of changing this. This is a well known issue around the web of many well known SLI motherboards brands, an what is a shame is that this info isnt well specified in lot of shops and also many reviews (which I have read)dont mention this important issue. Sadly enough I realized this after installing the system and looking at the Forceware info.

Well I Have read that there isnt any difference in performance between PCIE 8x and 16X because no application reach the 8X bandwidth limit. Even though I havent been able to find well docummented info about this assumption. So,

1.- Is it better to change my motherboard, loose the money and buy a 16X per Slot one?
2.- Where can I find well documented info about differences of PCIE 8X versus 16X, and the fact that applications dont reach the 8X limit?

Thanks for your time...

PS: The main usage of this system is for playing..

Thanks your for your time